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Welcome to TransBanco!

TransBanco is a financial membership network for North Star Swiss™ & partners for both physical products and accounts. As a member and agent under TransBanco you can earn money on commissions by selling our products and accounts. You can also recruit other agents and earn commission on their sales as well! The best about being part of our financial system is that you choose how much you want to work and how much to sell.

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One-time set-up fee
Limited offer €285
Thereafter €190 / year
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Master Agent
One-time set-up fee
Limited offer €518
Thereafter €390 / year
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As an Agent of TransBanco you will also have the opportunity to apply for loans or sell shares in your company to all our members, through a so called funding plattform. This also applies if you are going to start a new company or if you are newly formed and need investment. Prior to equity funding platforms like TransBanco, unless you were a high net worth individual or a company director, there was no easy way to invest in startups and early-stage businesses. With TransBanco you have opportunity to have share in the success of that busines

Here at TransBanco we encourage our members to make new connections and create new exciting collaborations. To make this possible we have an financial agent forum where you can meet and discuss with other agents. Who knows what connections lie in wait?

Please visit our product page to purchase your trial or agent account if you are ready to take the next step!

All in all, welcome to join the TransBanco family!