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TransBanco is an affiliate membership network where you decide how active YOU want to be and how much YOU want to earn. As a member you can choose to take advantage of the benefits that come with the membership or if you want to be more active and create additional earnings by selling the products and services that TransBanco offers to consumers and companies at each time. Our TransBanco Independent Sales Agent. A generous rewarding compensation plan Products and services consumers want and need A proven business model that works.

“Prior to equity funding platforms like TransBanco, unless you were a high net worth individual or a company director, there was no easy way to invest in startups and early-stage businesses. With TransBanco you have opportunity to have share in the success of that business!

Hans Ericson, Board Member of

The Ambassador level is our basic membership level, our entry level for memberships. This level is for people who want to take a look at our site, what we offer, read more about our concept and need more information before applying for a paid business network membership. Members will also have access to the forums, investment and discounts.

The Agent account level of sales membership offers great flexibility. With this level you can manage sales for both private and corporate interests as well as receive commissions on all membership, product and account sales. This is suitable for people with a wide network consisting of both private and corporate contacts.

The Corporate account level membership is for you who own a company and want to manage your financial network sales through your company. Its perfect for selling products, accounts and services with the backbone of your company as a robust plattform to base your network on.

How does our layered network management work?
Our financial commission tree is based on a simple but powerful “sellers-seller” system. Every sale you make generates commissions directly to you, based on certain percentage levels. However, if you sell a membership to a private or corporate agent you will receive commissions on their sales as well. This makes it possible to build powerful and wide networks that generates passive income for you as a member agent.